Prego-titude – A Journal for Tracking the Details

Welcome to your more or less 40-week journey through the unsubtle subtleties of the motherhood oven.

How exciting! A second edition of what at first was only intended as a journal for my own experience. So grateful of that “eureka!” moment when I thought “why not share it with the world of novices such as me who are freaking out at the very idea of having a little alien… (sigh) Sorry! An adorable little human being grow and take space and drive them into insomnia out of fear”. Nope! I don’t mince my words.

Careful now! Fair warning! If you are looking for a “guide”, a prego encyclopedia, this journal is not for you. I am no prego guru! Did you read the part about novices? Yes, that little line! So this is a Journal for YOUR entries, to keep track of each and every little booboo and hoo ha moments of the ride… Well, that is until your memory fails you and you cannot remember if you had dropped it on your bed or in the washing machine with your new finally-fitting (hurray!) yoga pants.

So, ready for the ride? Well… Actually, ready or not, you are after all pregnant, so enjoy the prego-titude and chin up! We have a baby to get ready for!

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My 2017 Journal


This Agenda / Private Journal counts 4 sections with enough space for you to write or draw. The 7″ x 10″ size was chosen to provide more comfort and ease for writing in and carrying your journal wherever you go.

Calendar – 2 pages per month, one containing a basic calendar free of all national holidays, followed by a blank page for inputting your country’s holidays, your monthly engagements and anything else.

Special dates – A special section for anniversaries and birthdays. That way, no one will go forgotten as they will be grouped and not just mixed up with your calendar planning.

Projects – List your 2017 special projects and get to work! No worries about finding space to detail your inspiration as it comes next.

Writing Space – 40 framed blank pages for your journaling, capturing your ideas or simply freeing your mind of daily cluster so you can focus on what matters.